Commitment to a Sustainable Future: Our Priority

Preserving the environment and its resources has become an absolute priority. Our research is dedicated to ensuring maximum sustainability in our operations, placing environmental protection for future generations first. We constantly invest in R&D to develop new eco-sustainable packaging and minimize CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus supporting our customers' concrete commitment to an increasingly green future.


Towards paper packaging: our R–PAP packaging

Born in 2004 from an ambitious research and development project, R-PAP was the first 100% heat-sealable paper packaging that was recyclable in class A+ and certified FSC, Food Contact and TUV OK COMPOST. Thanks to its excellent runnability and the biodegradable polymer which makes it perfectly weldable, R-PAP is able to work in all current packaging plants


Towards a greener future: our PE mono-material laminated packaging

Our range of PE mono-material packaging represents a cutting-edge alternative to traditional laminate films. Thanks to their composition, these packages are classified as recyclable in class 4 (PE) instead of 7 (other), guaranteeing greater ease of recycling and a significant reduction in CONAI taxes. The excellent functioning of our mono-material PE films on knurled sealing bar packaging machines ensures a perfect packaging process and a response to the sustainability needs of our customers


Our certifications

Our certifications are the seal of our commitment to excellence, guaranteeing our customers the highest quality, reliability and sustainability at every stage of the process. Choosing us means choosing the certainty of a reliable and cutting-edge partner.

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