The history of our company

For three generations, we have been passionately committed to becoming reliable partners of our customers, thanks to our consolidated know-how, the desire to innovate and the commitment to providing high quality solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your reliable partner in your business journey. We are committed to understanding and meeting your needs, pursuing excellence and adopting a forward-thinking strategy in the dynamic market landscape. 
Choosing us means exceeding your expectations. Following the legacy of our visionary founders, we work with dedication to constantly improve, ensuring a reliable and ever-evolving partnership for mutual success.

1999 - TODAY



Ortigia Island, Syracuse

Ours is a love story. The love between Tommaso and Gabriella, the key to everything, and the love of the Loreto family for their work and the company, which has forever penetrated the life, dreams, efforts and joys of all those who have contributed, and contribute, to this wonderful project which today stands on the legs of 180 men and women


Our first patent

At the Milan Chamber of Commerce, on May 20, 1955, at 11:27 AM, our first patent "Il Laccetto" was filed. This ingenious creation, born of love and innovation, has since become a commonly used product for billions of people around the world


The foundation of Cielle Imballaggi

In Syracuse, two visionary and dynamic young people, Gabriella Cacchi and Tommaso Loreto, founded Cielle Imballaggi, marking the beginning of our long-lasting journey


New forces in the company

Vittorino, Corrado and Amelia Loreto join the company permanently. The two concretely visionary twenty-year-olds of the 1950s are joined by three twenty-year-olds who, from an early age, grew up in symbiosis with the company, experiencing its struggles, dreams and hopes


The foundation of Rotomed

With a "Youth Entrepreneurship" project, Rotomed saw the light in just 12 months, extending our packaging offer to laminated films printed in rotogravure. Our Group becomes one of the few in Italy capable of simultaneously offering multilayer coextrusion, flexographic and gravure printing, single-layer films and laminates


The first recyclable 100% heat seal paper packaging

Born in 2004 from an ambitious research and development project, R-PAP was the first 100% heat sealable paper packaging recyclable in class A+ and FSC, Food Contact and TUV OK COMPOST certified


Investment plan with Invitalia

Thanks to a development partnership with Invitalia, the Cielle Group has created an ambitious investment plan of approximately 30 million euros. This led to a significant expansion of the company surface area, going from 30,000 to 100,000 square meters at Cielle and from 8,000 to over 20,000 at Rotomed. The investment plan allowed the replacement of the extrusion lines, going from 3 to 5 layers, and an improvement in the quality of flexographic and rotogravure printing, going from 8 to 10 colours. Furthermore, solventless lamination technology has been integrated with the best solvent lamination systems


The third generation joins the company

After an international training and working path, the first members of the third generation choose to join the company. Their freshness of ideas and global perspectives blend with solid corporate values, bringing a moment of renewal of ambitions, but maintaining the continuity of the group's fundamental principles


A future to write

Aware of our roots and firm in our values, we find ourselves on the threshold of the next chapter – a story that began decades ago with Tommaso and Gabriella. As we embark on this journey, we carry forward their memory, ready to write the next pages of our story, without ever stopping dreaming

Our Values

Our “Charter of Values” is not just a document, but a compass that guides our every action. Choose a partnership that reflects your values, together we will shape a future based on integrity and sustainability. Explore our core values, rooted in an impeccable ethical legacy and long-term vision.

Companies in numbers

On our extraordinary journey, fueled by unwavering values, a forward-thinking vision and a daily passion, we have steadily increased our volume, turnover and number of partnerships. Join us on this exciting ride, where generation after generation, we create a legacy of continuous growth and shared passion.
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