Innovation has forever been the fulcrum of our companies and the guiding light of our minds. Our history of innovation dates back to the first patent in 1955. Since then, technological progress and continuous innovative evolution have been a part of our team’s genetic heritage. Proof of this can be found in the high number of patents deposited and the technological level of our plants, setting them apart from the competition.


Multi-layer blown film coextrusion technology allows us to improve the performance of the materials produced and to design film, whether barrier or otherwise, specific to all applications. Coextrusion, up to 7 layers, allows the construction of a material with specific performance levels in terms of shine, transparency, thermal behaviour (heat shrinkability) and mechanical behaviour (sealability, slip, elasticity and shape memory). Numerous in-process and post-process controls allow the continuous monitoring of the requested performance levels and consistent runnability in our clients’ machines.



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Multi-layer films play an important role in our broad range of packaging materials. We possess all lamination technology, both solvent and solventless, with traditional and biodegradable adhesives, using gravure, flexo, semiflexo and sleeve coating techniques, for heat treatments and otherwise.