26 Feb 2021


Cielle Imballaggi, always a pioneer of innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, in the context of the recycled materials supply chain has developed innovative films that have achieved the prestigious "Plastica Seconda Vita" (PSV) certifications from Industrial Waste, from Separate Collection and Mix Eco. Based on the certification of interest, there are minimum percentages of recycled material that the polyethylene film must contain. For example, a PSV certified film from Separate Collection (post-consumer recycled plastic) must contain a percentage of recycled material of at least 62%; for PSV certified films from Industrial Waste (pre-consumer recycled plastic) this percentage must be at least 65%, while for PSV Mix Eco films it must be at least 15% Pre-Consumption and 15% Post- Consumption

We study the application and the required products, designing specific materials in terms of thicknesses, physical-mechanical characteristics and percentages of recycled granules to be used. On a functional level, our certified materials ensure packaging performance absolutely comparable with those obtainable with conventional films. Moreover, the possibility of inserting the "Plastica Seconda Vita" certificate logo in the packaging represents a concrete demonstration of the commitment to protecting the environment in the eyes of the final consumer, as well as contributing to increasing the brand reputation of the company that adopts it.

Download the certifications here.

Pre Consumer
Post consumer